As I watched the funeral of the former President George H. W. Bush, I couldn’t help but study the face and the emotions of his eldest child, former President George W. Bush.  I had not been a Bush “fan” in the past but getting to know the father through the eyes of those that loved him so much (especially his son George), has caused me to look at him differently.

I learned that George W. is the oldest of 5 children and I saw the emotion of being the oldest and the love he had for his father, deeply and painfully on his face as he fought back the tears.  They clearly had a very special relationship.

Being the oldest carries responsibilities for your younger siblings whether you want to or not.  All eyes are on you as they look to you for guidance, advice, comfort, love and many other things as needed!  I noticed that George W. was the most emotional out of the 5.  To me, that spoke to the relationship he had with his father; not that the others didn’t have one or a good one but the connection they had was a deep, emotional and loving one that no one would be able to understand because he is the oldest.

Loving relationships with our parents are priceless.  Honoring our parents is Biblical.  How you choose to develop your relationship or lack there of, is up to you but remember you have to put into a relationship what you want to get out of it.  LOVE = LOVE!

The heartbeat!